Lily: Creature of Habit 🐦

I have just two examinations left to complete before I’m in the clear and able to enjoy my well earned holiday ! *Cue wild and uncoordinated dancing!

The papers have mostly been kind to me. Nothing has made me despair or writhe in agony afterwards . Thankfully 😜 . I’m just looking forward to completing what’s left of them.

After two weeks of diligent study and keen observation and I have come to the conclusion that I’m a little neurotic , if not a lot. I must admit that exam time usually brings about flares in my obsessive compulsive tendencies.. 

  • I clean my room extensively before I study. Everything has to be in order before I begin or else it irks me for the rest of the session. I dust my bookshelves ,  vacuum my carpet and arrange everything incredibly neatly.
  • I study in my onesie . It’s pink and fluffy and absolutely lovely.  And it’s also the reason why my studying needs to stay in the confines of my bedroom. I can imagine the vapid stares that would follow me if I were to brave the study centre in it . 😂😂

    Lily and her snug pug onesie. A match made in heaven and the realm of comfort 😍
  • Sometimes I need absolute quiet.
  • Sometimes I need music in the background.
  • Sometimes I need to be around people in order to study.
  • I dubsmash during my study breaks. It’s become an addiction 😌
  • I refuse to sleep later than 21:30 the day before an exam.
  • I sometimes wake up at 3am to study. #morningperson
  • Sometimes I explain physiological concepts to my teddy Alfie. He’s really co-operative and incredibly supportive.🐻🐻

I sit in the same place that I’ve been sitting in since the second semester of first year in the examination hall. I’m so attached to that seat that I may consider engaging in mortal combat should anyone dare to take it away from mei'm fine angry

I’m busy compiling a “Second Year Survival Guide” for my mentees next year ! I’m really excited to be a mentut next year , I just hope my results correlate with my excitement 😉😉


Other than that , there is not much else happening . I just sit behind my desk and study my as best as I can. What is motivating me is the fact that this time next week , I will be settling down to enjoy a few weeks of sobriety. This year has been really long and I am really looking forward to having nothing to do for a while 🙂 Adieu ❤

Lots of Lily Love (LOLL) ❤ ❤

I adore comments ! Feel free to drop one below :)

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