Melancholia and Epiphanies

Forgive my neglect of this wonderful oasis , I haven’t exactly had the easiest past few weeks 😦 tumblr_mellabIzdd1rr1ngj.gif

I had a “falling out” with a former high school friend of mine. I actually wouldn’t term it a falling out .It was more like a wave of negative passive aggressive energy that I absorbed and took incredibly personally and as a result made me feel very terrible about myself.

Being highly sensitive and introverted , I tend to take a lot of things personally and become easily distressed.  This former friend and I have never been the best of friends but I assumed  that there was value to our friendship . It turns out that I was erroneous in my assumption as that was not the case. She has never been directly mean to me but she has certainly made good use of exclusionary tactics to make me feel like I was not a “worthy” friend.  Epiphany #1

I saw a side of myself that I had earnestly hoped was banished amongst the horror of all teenage angst and unhappiness. I felt dejected and listened to a lot of melancholy music. Eventually , after a lot of introspection and a eye-opening pep talk from someone marvelous 🙂 , I got over it. Like hurdles.

My mood for the past few weeks 😦

I have spent too much of my energy trying to figure out what it was I was lacking/ doing wrong and I’ve reached the conclusion that life is not nearly long enough for me to dwell upon the actions of people who do not appreciate me. Epiphany #2

I need to spend more time with people that want me around and make me feel great about myself. I also realised that friendships are a process of give and take. One person cannot be responsible for the maintenance of a friendship between two people. Epiphany #3


Quick Update: Family Medicine was awesome !  I learnt so much and I have an abundance of stories to share !

Neuro 2 has commenced and I am enjoying it immensely. We start Psychiatry next week and that is poised to be fascinating given my past history and interest in mood disorders .

Gah !( squeals excitedly) I have come to the realisation that medicine is the best thing I could have chosen to study. Sure it’s tough sometimes but I am constantly in awe of how stimulating it can be when you study about topics that really interest you !  Epiphany #4 ♥

Lots of Lily Love (LOLL) ❤ ❤ ❤

5 thoughts on “Melancholia and Epiphanies

  1. Aah what an adorable girl you are. Misunderstanding do happen. Take time to reflect, sometimes you will find the two of you coming back together. if not, it is still okay. Remember, there was at some stage a time you did not even know this individual, so its okay to let them go if needs be. One thing for sure is, life is too short. You need to surround yourself with people with positive energy and stay away from those with negative energy. Also remember, sometimes we cry over those who don’t value us and in the process miss to notice those who truly value us. So, with neuro and psych, are we going to see a neuropsychic?

    keep well

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