Everything and More !

Surgery is everything I expected it to be and more 🙂 ❤ . It’s day 2 and I am already head over heels in love #surgeryisbae. My feet are killing me , I have walked at least 20 kilometers between today and yesterday  but I am still so happy and so excited ! My apologies for the spam but my happiness needs an outlet ❤ 

Yesterday,  on day 1 , we had a short orietation ( 30 minutes) and were then thrown straight into ward work thereafter. I’ve seen more patients over these two days than I did in my entire family medicine rotation. Yesterday ended with a call for me , my clinical partner and our SI. We basically made ourselves his shadow for the night and followed him everywhere.

Today , day 2, a patient that I clarked yesterday during admissions (#onmyfirstday) went in for surgery and my registrar allowed me and my clinical partner to observe.

I scrubbed in the way they do on Grey’s Anatomy ! I washed my hand for five minutes, put on my gloves and a theatre gown , face mask and a cap. It was all very sterile and super surreal 🙂  The operation was an hour long but I could hardly tell that we had spent that much time in there. It was a laparoscopic procedure and I got to retract a gall bladder ❤  #skills 

My surgery rotation is divided into three different sections and my timetable is as follows:

  • Week 1& 2 – Abdominal Surgery
  • Week 3 – Burns
  • Week 4 – Trauma

For Week 1 &2 , we’re divided into different firms that go on call on different days of the week . I’m part of the Tuesday firm  , which is why I was on call yesterday. The firm has a consultant ( the big boss AKA attending if you are a GA fan or American) , a registrar ( resident) , two interns , three SI’s (Student interns – 6th medical students) and six third year medical students (AKA minions , plebians, little ones , babies).

My consultant taught the surgery part of GIT last year. So naturally there’s a lot of pressure on us as she expects us to have the notes from last year memorised and imprinted onto our brains. The registrar is awesome ,she’s also really “passionate” about her job. I love our SIs , they are really great and not at all cruel or mean. I hope to be that nice when I’m an SI 🙂

What do we do: As a third year you’re the bottom of the hierachy of the firm so we do a lot of leg work. We admit patients , clark them ( history + examinations) , do basic investigations; bloods , IV placement , urine dipsticks , taping of ascitic fluid , checking results , booking of investigations and just general observations  of patient well-being.

But hey , we all have to start somewhere 🙂

Lot of Lily Love ❤ ❤ ❤  (LOLL)

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