Looking for Lily 🔎

I offer my most humble apology to any individual who yearned for real answers for their very important and incredibly serious questions but were redirected to my blog of feels instead.

Where in the world is Lily ? 

I’m on my Obstetrics and Gynaecology rotation ! I’m doing cool things like delivering babies and assisting in Caesarean Sections 🙂 It’s not surgery but it’s definitely not the nightmare that I had anticipated it to be (sometimes).

My first delivery :)  A beautiful bouncing baby boy <3
My first delivery! A beautiful bouncing baby boy ❤

I got Lilac scrubs! I love them so much ❤ ❤  Purple (in all it’s various shades) is my favourite color ! I shall post more about my Obs & Gynae experience next week. All I am trying to focus on now is surviving the next few days before my much deserved HOLIDAY ( 14 days :P) starts 🙂

In my lilac scrubs :) <3
In my lilac scrubs ❤

I thought I would attempt to answer the questions asked and justify any other search terms used and perhaps explain to myself why certain search items bring people to my blog.

Again , my most humble apologies if you stumbled onto this blog whilst on a serious quest to procure knowledge. I do , however , hope that you liked some of it and stayed to read 😀

Questions Asked

  • Has “Lily ” gained weight?
    • Maybe.  I don’t have a scale in my house anymore. My jeans still fit though it is possible that I might have just stretched them out 😀 Oh well (carries on eating). 
  • Is Lily really that awkward?
    • Yes. I am. I really am. After interactions /situations occur, I always cringe and think about how I could have said things better or put my point of view across in a more eloquent way. Sigh, it’s a struggle. 
  • What is first-year spread?
  • How do I handle my love life in med school?
    • I can’t offer much advice considering that mine is in a “weird” ( read non-existent) place at the moment. I graciously searched for a useful article on the fore mentioned subject matter for you ❤ 
  • When people are aggressive, what should I do to avoid them as I am writing my matric exams?
    • Ignore them. Focus on your work. Your exams deserve all your attention. 
  • Do you have a boyfriend Lily ?If not why?
    • No. I do not . Surgery is bae. Surgery will be my only bae until a human being who is awesome comes along convinces me that he too can be bae. 
  • How to handle love life in medicine .
    • Again , I have no authority on this. Read this 🙂 
  • Who is this Lily creature?
    • This one had me rolling on the floor. I think it might have been this post they were looking for.
  • Is Lily on social media ?
    • Yes. I am but only for ten more years. When I’m thirty I think I’ll become a serious woman and delete it all. 
      • Snapchat me 🙂 –> michelle_lilyd
      • Instagram (private) –> DM me and I’ll follow back. Don’t be a creep though
      • Twitter –> Michelle_LilyD –> Follow me and I shall follow back 🙂
      • Tumblr –> girlchildinafrica.tumblr.com
      • Facebook –> Nice try 🙂
  • Does Lily have a crush?
    • I did and it crushed me. But I have found the love of my life #surgery ❤ All’s well that ends well 🙂 .

Search terms that people use to find my blog / Posts people usually read on my blog

  • Types of medical students
  • Cram Pass Forget.
  • Awkward medical student
  • Nerds and med school.
  • Raspberry stethoscope
    • My dear Lady Galadriel. Yes, I have named my stethoscope after a LOTR character. See photo of me in lilac scrubs with raspberry stethoscope above. 
  • Single in medical school
    • Ok, note to self : Do not talk about love life , however existent or not it may be. 
  • Tik drug in brandy
  • Talking to handsome lecturer etiquette ???
    • This one confuses me. I cannot for the life of me remember in which post I discussed  this.
    • Lesson time : don’t get involved with your lecturers kids #bad idea #will probably ruin your life idea
  • People being affectionate freaks me out.
    • Yes it does. I’m not a “touchy” person so it really baffles me when people choose public settings to have their seemingly intimate moments. It’s already a struggle convincing myself to share my company with the general public and broader world , but to have inconsiderate people make my experience all about them  makes me really mad because you really can’t help but look at the offending scene of human grossness. 
  • Alfred Enoch
  • Penis transplants
  • Meaning of a serial procrastinator 
  • Feminism

Many thanks for all the visits and views !  I really really really really  really appreciate them all:) Each “really” is exponential ❤

Lots of Lily Love ❤ (LOLL)

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