The Adventures of TinderLily : Part 1

Lily ( Looks into the distance): “It all started with a dare . . .”

My friend who “loves me dearly” and knows me better than most thought it prudent to dare me to do something I had never done before knowing full well the extent of my ridiculous pride. She used her intimate and personal knowledge of me to hurt me in a manner far too cruel to comprehend .

Her exact words, uttered nearly two months ago, were “Lily, I bet that you couldn’t join Tinder ; you’re far too snobbish for that and you’d probably match with nobody because you’re far too picky”.hot

Naturally I was offended. How dare she besmirch my shy (read intolerant of forced social interactions) nature. In an effort to prove her wrong beyond measurable doubt , I took up her dare to engage on the fore-mentioned application and get more matches than her.

The game was on.

glasses flirt

Because Science , here’s the experiment :

Aim: Receive and talk to as many matches as possible in a period of two months on the application called Tinder.

Method:ย Download application. Compile a short description of one self . Attach a few pictures of oneself. Proceed to swipe left until an attractive fellow tinderer catches your eye. Proceed to read short bio , if provided, and then swipe right. If matched , proceed to entertain conversation.swipe tinder

Control : Didn’t think of that.

Dependent variable : We also didn’t think of that.

Independent variable: Cot damnit , we didn’t think this through Ok , just go with it.

The Results:ย 81 Matches for Lily ! Of which about 70 and a 1/2ย turned out to be total creeps and ย the other 10 1/2 matches were “normal”. The 1/2 exist for that one guy who was an awkward mixture of nice but sometimes bordering on creepy.

My BFF, got 150 ! She had a significant geographical advantage: London population ย equals 8,7 million versus Cape Town’s 3, 740 million .

81 Matches. Not bad for someone who does not enjoy forced social interactions.

Conclusion: Even though I lost by a HUGEย margin in terms of matches , we can come to the conclusion that I am not at all snobbish.

In fact , I think it right to declare myself the winnerย because she bet that I wouldn’t even get the app and yet here we are two months and 81 matches later.

Au revoir ! (Part 2 to be released shortly)

Lots of Lily Love (LOLL) โค โค โค


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