The Adventures of TinderLily : Part 3

The Good , the Bad and horribly unsettling , not just ugly, guys you meet on Tinder 😝😅😘


The Types of Guys You Encounter on Tinder

  • The Clingers . They like to forge a “real” connection with you as soon as they can. Within minutes of introduction they will demand to know your hopes , dreams , aspirations and “what really makes you , well you?”
  • The Unbearably Confident. Opening lines usually include phrases such as ” Pick a time and place and I’ll make your dreams come true“.  Uhm , highly unlikely. Unless you’re Alex Turner. In a leather jacket. Then it’s completely fine 😋😆
  • The Competitive Essay Writers. Paragraphs upon paragraphs of vitriol spew forth from their thumbs. One gets the feeling that in person they’d even forget to ask you your name ; or anything about you,  in fact, because you must simply know EVERYTHING about them first .tumblr_inline_nkl8nfOUvp1smgkdx
  • The Artists. The ones who feel the need to feel everything so very deeply and interpret , even that winking face you accidentally click on and send whilst in search of the annoyed face.

I know I make it sound like it was all terrible but I actually met a few decent individuals that I came to like very much.

 Some guys were Perfect Gentlemen , Brilliant Conversationalists  and Sufficiently Awkward 😁 They were decent and approachable human beings whose default personality setting was not creepy. 

Especially the”handsome engineer“who looked like Alex Turner’s long lost twin 😍Yes , Alex Turner is just my type 😂😂

A grand revelation/realization that I came to was that I study a lot and I’m probably the most boring 20 year old that has ever existed!

Everytime “handsome engineer” invited me to “have drinks” or meet up , I had to cancel or decline because I would always either be at hospital or busy studying. Eventually it felt like a sad and pathetic excuse not to go out but it was actually the truth 😑

My question now (which I hope somebody can answer) : How does one find time to meet other people /” potential candidates for affection” in medical school?

It seems like an administrative nightmare. I never have free time unless I’m sleeping and my love for sleep does not allow me to give it up easily😮😐

Am I destined to roam this earth alone and unloved because of the time management and administrative burden that is medical school?? 😥

Surely not , come on people , this is where you ought to interject with your stories of hope 😄💃

Au revoir ! 😘:) Many thanks for reading about my adventures on Tinder. In the meantime , I shall be waiting for someone to turn my world around. 🌸🍩

Photo taken and used with permission from “handsome engineer” 👼

Lots Of Lily Love (LOLL) 💓💓💓

6 thoughts on “The Adventures of TinderLily : Part 3

  1. I loved reading about your tinder adventure ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ll try it out when i officially come to the conclusion that my social skills are useless in the real world. Maybe us med students were meant to roam the earth alone until we eventually find our soulmates somewhere along the way.. only time will tell. Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I met my partner in my second last year of training when I was studying for my licensing exam and I had virtually no time at all. She would come to my house when I watched Grey’s Anatomy, as it was one of my few times off from studying, and I would occasionally make time for dinner or coffee. She had to be very patient with me, but we did manage to make it work despite my crazy schedule.

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    1. How lucky you are !How was the dynamic between you and your partner ? I always feel bad when ever I want to go out/ spend time with anyone because it has to be on my terms i.e. when i’m not studying or busy in hospital๐Ÿ˜ž


    1. Yes ! There is a plot to handsome engineer’s storyline ๐Ÿ˜… We went on a couple of dates and we talked a lot . I really liked him, I enjoyed his company and he had a fantastic personality. He was essentially perfect except for the fact that (inserts wild plot twist) he was only in Cape Town for a few months for an internship from France. And since I’m definitely not ready for anything long term (especially not across continents) , long distance wasn’t really an option ๐Ÿ˜” A classic case of right person , brilliant timing but unfortunately wrong continent ๐Ÿ˜ž

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