A Year In Review : 2016

The Internet has hailed it one of the worst years in existence and I have some compelling examples from my experience this year to substantiate that claim. 

However , the tale of 2016 has not been entirely filled with deep melancholy , unending sadness and pain. Through the forest of despair , ephemeral rays of happiness and joy were able to shine through and provide some calm to the calamity that was 2016. 


The beginning of the year was stressful for me. I hardly enjoyed my December holiday at the end of 2015 nor did I feel rested and well prepared for the year 2016.

I spent 3 weeks of my 4 week holiday preparing for my then upcoming supplementary exam in January.  I hardly felt at peace and that resulted in feeling miserable especially knowing that I could not visit my grandparents over the Christmas period.

Being in possession of my overactive imagination put me in the most incredible anguish that I had ever found myself in. I began to imagine horrible and completely abhorrent scenarios concerning my future.That was until I received the fantastic news  that I had PASSED 🙌💪


The start of my clinical rotations was not as exciting as some of my classmates . I started with family medicine and I began to indulge my tendencies of being lazy as the incredibly lax schedule allowed me to do so. I also went through some personal problems that made the entire experience unfavourable and seemingly unfair .


Nothing significant to note other than the fact that I was struggling with my theory. I felt unfocused and studying became more cumbersome every day. I experienced a mental block and my usual organised timetable came to a halt.

I felt very defeated , academically and emotionally. It may have been the effects of having had no rest over my December holiday. I also think that I felt a severe loss of confidence in my abilities and that I began to question my abilities unnecessarily.

April aka The Month That Changed My Life !!!🙌

I have been gushing over this month in every single post but it is absolutely necessary! This is the month that surgery changed my life. I went from being unmotivated , lacklustre and  helplessly tired to completely rejuvenated and euphoric about the future.  I felt a renewed sense of purpose in what I needed to do in my life.

I know that I have been going on ad nauseum (and for that I apologise😅) but until you undergo the change that I experienced , you will not understand just how amazing I felt. After struggling with issues of loss of confidence for the first three months of the year , April was a brilliant month for me.  It reignited the spark that had been lost in me . I felt more excited about medicine!

May  –  June – July – August – September – October

These months passed by very smoothly. I felt much better and was on track to being the optimist Lily that I always am.I felt more confident with my clinical exposure. Each rotation became easier to handle. I got my academic mojo back and remembered how much I enjoyed the benefits of studying and how excited knowing stuff made me .


I worked very hard during the exams and committed myself to completing the year on an academic high. I studied very hard and put a lot of effort into learning my work well.  All my hard work and effort paid off and I passed all my exams with even better marks than I had imagined. It was a huge boost to my confidence to see that I could still excel the way I was used to.✌💪😄wp-1481605966044.jpg


Now I’m on holiday and I am committed to enjoying my holiday as best as I can. I’m catching up with many of my friends and it feels great to be “connected” again.img_20161213_041743.jpg

I am , however , going to start an academic year review towards the end of my holiday so that I can consolidate my knowledge and go into 2017 with complete confidence having prepared as best as I can 🌸 .😊

Lots of Lily Love (LOLL)  ❤❤❤❤

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