Bienvenue 2017 🎇

The side effects of New Year‘s Eve revelry include an earth-shattering headache on the 1st of January  and languid limbs that ignore any decision you make to move. 

@Me on New Years Eve

2016 was a longchallenging and bittersweet year . As detailed in my year review , I went through a number of ups and downs.

It is my hope that I can use the experience I gained to propel myself forward and have a more prosperous 2017❤🌼

There are many things that I hope to have achieved by the time I make it out of 2017.

Fitness & Nutrition

  • I have committed myself to enduring at least one month of gym this year . I have many reservations about gym but it is time that I take control of my fitness and health 💪
  • I have committed myself to a meal plan for the month of January .
  • I am committed to exercising regularly and will make weekly exercise plans so as not to overwhelm myself.

Academic (will be included in a separate post) 


  • My goal this year is to learn how to save money. I have committed myself to saving a certain amount every month.
  • To follow my financial plan diligently .
  • To be mindful of my spending habits

Other Goals

  • To keep it together by keeping it simple ✌
  • To fall in love with my life 💚
  • To enjoy the experience of being a young and ambitious woman in 2017 👯

You can obviously tell that my level of commitment is very high at this point 😂 Hopefully my enthusiasm for 2017 and my eagerness to do well will keep me disciplined and motivated enough to reach my goals 💪

Wishing everyone a wonderful transition into this New Year ! 🎆🎇✨🎊🎋

Lots of Lily Love (LOLL) ❤❤❤❤

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