New Me ?

The first week of the year is probably the most motivated one can be all year. One begins with incredible determination to achieve their goals and work tirelessly only to burn out by January the 6th because then they discover that REALISM is an integral component of being an “Optimistic Realist” . 

My rude , incredibly rude, awakening to fourth year was on the 3rd of January when I found myself walking around hospital during my paediatric rotation orientation in an overheated daze. 36 hours prior to which I was sprawled atop my bed nursing my New Years Eve celebration hangover/ headache/ gross assault to my kidneys and liver.

Luckily I survived that orientation and subsequently the next three weeks of my paediatric rotation. This week is my last week on the Paediatric service and I am quite excited to be going back to class soon. I am looking forward to the reprieve that being in class will give me.

I set many many many many goals and resolutions that I was anxious , itching, to get started on. Eventually I had to calm myself down and remind myself that a year has 12 months which contain a minimum of 365 days during which I can try , try and try again to reach my goals and should I not reach them , I can just keep trying.

What I have done thus far: 

  1. I have finally signed up for gym! wp-1485115342469.jpg
  2. I’m trying to eat healthier , it’s really hard but I’ll keep trying 🙂
  3. I have spent far less time on social media networks ! Being somewhat “offline” is really peaceful and good for my sanity 😀
  4. I saved for the first time this month! Yay for adulting!
  5. Met up with the awesome Mariechen (Barefoot Whispers ) after a long time and had a great afternoon exploring the CBD . #Capetown adventuring
  6. Bumped into a 30/10 individual in a hospital lift and proceeded to lose the power of speech for approximately 30 very awkward, and oh goodness I wish the earth had swallowed me whole,  seconds when asked which floor I wanted to go up to .
  7. Bumped into fore-mentioned 30/10 individual again after an hour long gym session and momentarily wished the earth would swallow me and my odorous body whole.

    A visual representation of me losing the power of speech and all coherence !

My January in a nutshell : Awkwardness. Gym. Paediatrics . Studying. Food .

Plans for February : To keep on trying 🙂 , adventuring in abundance and learning how to stop embarrassing myself when addressed by 30/10 individuals.

Lots of Lily Love ❤ ❤ ❤ (LOLL)

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