Life goes on . . .

It is I , the owner of this seemingly abandoned blog 🙂 It has been two three months since my last post and the only explanation that I have to excuse my hiatus is simply . . . Life.😅

Medical School Update

Yes , I’m still in medical school😅. To put my first semester into perspective and hopefully to explain why I haven’t been as active in my blogging , here is flow diagram of the clinical rotations and theory blocks that I did in my first semester.

The rotations are in red and the theory block are in black.


My specific combination of clinical rotations with the theory blocks was grueling. The work was over-whelming and in some cases , Anaesthetics , challenging.

“Explain the T4b breast cancer classification in its entirety.”  A standard HNB question on ward rounds

I am currently on my first clinical rotation of the second semester , Surgery. My first two weeks were spent on head , neck and breast surgery. HNB surgery was, simply put,  tiring. I worked late everyday and there was a lot of pressure to study hard as the consultants who supervised us were strict and demanding. Ward rounds felt like OSCEs and I had my “deer in headlights” moments too often when asked direct questions .

Now I am on Paediatric Surgery , which has been quite disappointing. There’s not much that we are expected to do as students. I would have really appreciated being part of the team and learning through practical experience but I am more relieved for the reprieve after HNB surgery .

Life Update

My mental health : Surprisingly ok. I’ve had a tough couple of months but I feel good. I will admit to reaching a stage during the first semester where I felt completely run down and burnt out. I was exhausted , to the point where I would collapse after hospital.

mental health
Mental health revelations have come in abundance in my hiatus . I have discovered that being “seemingly happy”  all the time is not a sign of mental health.


The burnout was due to physical health problems namely the horrible side effects from my deoxygenated state of being .😋😌

Other Significant  Life Updates

IMG_20170621_115814_496I’m growing out my natural hair. A process that has been equal parts laborious and liberating. I love my hair in it’s natural form but the maintenance therefore is often tear inducing. ! 😛

I am also attempting to lose weight. it’s not easy but I am persevering even though I encounter some setbacks along the way. My main motivation for wanting to lose weight is that my hip , at my tender age of 21 , has started to act up. I suffered dearly during Internal when ward rounds seemed to take forever and a day to complete.

I have also started reading again ! I feel the same familiar rush of excitement that I used to get when I first started reading.  Truthfully the only reason I ever stopped reading was because of my social media use. Since making considerable adjustments to my social media use , I have had more time at my disposal.

I strongly recommend this for anyone looking for a powerful and poignant read ❤

Other than that , nothing really. At least nothing that I can update you on right now , maybe later this year. I’ve been such a boring individual ! All I do is study , sleep , go to hospital and repeat 😛 Sometimes I do fun things like go out with my friends.   There is a semblance of balance in my life , hopefully I can retain that for the remainder of the semester.

I’m adding a few pictures of me just to prove that I am alive and still breathing. Bye ,until I spontaneously blog again!🙋

Lots of Lily Love ❤ ❤ ❤


5 thoughts on “Life goes on . . .

  1. Hi Lily,
    I am currently in high school and would like to study Medicine at Stellenbosch University. Do you have any tips that aid me in my application to Tygerberg Medical School? I am Zimbabwean and I am worried that my nationality might be a setback 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Yvonne , I can definitely send you some pointers and tips for your application 😊 Do you have an email address ? I think that would be better than you having to go through a long essay in the comment section xx


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