A Surgical Future !

Neurosurgeons definitely do it better . I’ve spent the past four weeks doing my elective in paediatric neurosurgery and . . . . It’s been amazing !

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Mind-blown : A neurosurgical pun 🙂

I loved every single day that I spent at Red Cross Hospital  ! So much so that I am seriously considering Neurosurgery as a possible specialty in the future 😄

My role during this elective was basically that of an intern . I did a lot of work (scut) , started as early as 06:00 in the morning and once left after 20:00 😊 The days were long but so so rewarding. I got a sense of what it was like to work in a surgical specialty. IMG_20171114_100347_286.jpg

Before I had absolutely no idea what being a specialist surgeon entailed.  My days consisted of seeing patients every morning , going to clinic on , theater time and emergency surgeries everyday when they occurred.

I also attended academic inter-varsity meetings with Radiology , General paediatric surgery. The Neurosurgery department also held monthly morbidity and mortality meetings that I attended. 

All in all,  I was deeply embedded into the inner workings of the team and really submerged myself into neurosurgery hence my newfound fascination with it.  It was the complete opposite of my experience in paediatric surgery earlier this year !  

I loved working with the kids. They were all adorable and all so incredibly beautiful.  It was amazing to see the little kids get better . To see kids ,that once had very poor levels of consciousness, running around the ward was simply magical.

Every morning I would walk into the ward and a chorus of “Good morning doctor” would begin 😄 Admittedly I grew quite attached to all of the kids . In my defence, I couldn’t fight the cuteness. 😍giphy-tumblr (1).gif

On the other hand , it was also heartbreaking to see that some kids never got better after severe injuries. Interacting with the families and letting them know that this was the end for their children, was entirely heartbreaking.  A pain that I would never wish upon anybody else.

Something that I am passionate about is promoting the use of seat-belts for kids. I find it entirely negligent and irresponsible when parents allow their small kids to ride in the front seat of their car without seat-belts. I feel that if anyone is found guilty of driving a car with an unrestrained child , they should criminally charged and face hefty consequences for that type of recklessness . Parents are in charge for a reason and no matter how “fussy” kids can be allowed, it cannot be allowed to happen. The fractures and severity of brain injuries that I witnessed were just horrific. Some of them are just too sad to even comprehend.

I learnt so much and grew so much from my experiences with my tiny patients . I was able to practice skills such as taking lumbar punctures , taking blood from tiny tiny tiny humans, doing ventricular taps and again scrubbing in to my heart’s content for these awesome surgeries.

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I felt I utilized every opportunity that was given and quite honestly the chances of any other rotation / elective being better than this are slim to none. I really like the pace of Neurosurgery , the decisiveness of it all. It’s busy but I found it so exciting. It’s exactly what I needed to enjoy surgery even more. ❤



My plans now: To sleep . I’m honestly looking forward to spending my time just chilling and relaxing.  I have a few trips planned but  I am going to focus on spending time with those close to me so that I can wind down before next year’s busy schedule.

The plan is to update this blog more regularly this holiday so you will definitely be reading more from me 🙂 giphy-downsized (9)

Lots of Lily Love

LOLL ❤ ❤

One thought on “A Surgical Future !

  1. You are an inspiration ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ I also want to be a pediatrician, haven’t decided upon subspecialty. One day you will be my mentor, fingers crossed 🤞🏽


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