At Times Inexplicably Small

Current Rotation : Paediatrics Salutations !I thought I'd do a Lily Update  to catch you up, blog reader, with my awkward existence and what I have been making of it for the past month. As this is primarily a blog of feels , do prepare yourself for lots of those 😛 ❤ 🙂 On Hospital [...]


Highs and Lows

Day 30 : Highs and Lows of this past month ! Lows  Exams. I don't test well.  Some people are able to elicit joy from the thought of writing exams but I am the exact opposite. Exams are strange for me because I feel that they don't test your knowledge properly. They make me stress [...]

The next thirty days . . .

Day 29 : Goals for the next thirty days ! Today officially marked the end of my first year. I wrote my last exam , Introduction To Clinical Medicine, this morning. The moment is rather bitter-sweet though because I have yet another week before I know whether or not  I have been promoted to second [...]

Someone that I miss . . .

Day 28 :Someone that you miss I miss my grandparents. They live 3000 kilometres away from me and I only have the opportunity to visit them every two years. I love being with them and spending time with them. They make the treacherous journey to Zim worth it. We usually travel to Zimbabwe during blazing hot [...]

A pathological nightmare

Murphy's Law and all its shenanigans

The Law Of Attraction

Day 26 : What kind of person attracts you ? Oh dear, this challenge is becoming rather personal ( insert blushing face ). I will assume that the attraction referred to is of a romantic nature . Let me begin by stating that when it comes to anything to do with romance of any kind , [...]

Someone who fascinates me

Day 25 : Someone who fascinates me and why My youngest sister proves to be a continual source of fascination for me. She is the nicest and kindest little human being that I have ever known. Hers is a heart of gold. She is always asking me how my day was and is genuinely interested [...]

My Favourite Movie !

Day 24 : Your favourite movie and what it is about 🙂 After Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince , Legally Blonde is my favourite movie. I could write all day about Harry Potter but I do not have the luxury of time . So I decided that it would be easier for me [...]

Internet eye candy ;)

Day 23 : Give pictures of five guys who are famous who you find attractive 🙂 You have asked and so I shall regale you with instances of their awesomeness. Disclaimer: If at any point you feel your heart start to beat erratically whilst looking at these photographs, step away from your screen , take [...]

Lily then and Lily now . . .

Day 22: How have you changed in the past two years? Two years ago I was approaching the end of my grade eleven year. I was going to enter matric, my final year in high school the following year in 2013. I was anxious about a number of things back then. *I was nervous about my [...]

My Favourite TV Show

Day 21 : My favourite TV Show My favourite TV show is Game of Thrones. This year has been rather busy. I have not been able to indulge in watching a lot of television. I have actually had to stop watching most of the shows that I used to follow keenly. Game Of Thrones  I [...]

Let there be education for all !

Day 20 : How important you think education is Education is extremely important. It's a great way to empower people. It's so easy for people who live in developed countries to take education for granted but living in Africa, one can see the impact that educating one person in a poor village has on the rest [...]

Disrespecting your parents

Day 19 : Disrespecting your parents I would never. If I were to engage in such a foolhardy exploit I would find myself kicked to the curb and left to fend for myself on the streets of Cape Town. That is not something I am enthusiastic about. I'm 18 - what do I know about life [...]

What do you believe in Lily?

Day 18 : My Beliefs  I have already written a post about my religion . . . I suppose this may be asking about my non-religious beliefs . I believe in education for all people . I believe in the power of love ❤ I believe I can fly 🙂 I do believe in fairies [...]

OSCE time !

Objective Standard Clinical Examination Time ! My classmates who live on campus have each other to practice on for OSCEs. I have had to be creative and use my younger brothers as my models as a result of my home-dwelling status. Getting my little four year old brother to sit still was a mission but [...]