Lily: Creature of Habit 🐦

I have just two examinations left to complete before I'm in the clear and able to enjoy my well earned holiday ! *Cue wild and uncoordinated dancing! The papers have mostly been kind to me. Nothing has made me despair or writhe in agony afterwards . Thankfully 😜 . I'm just looking forward to completing what's [...]

Runner’s Etiquette 🏃

What does one do when they run past the same person for the fifth time on a route? By that time we've already given each other the "Hey, I'm glad you're running too" nod , the "you again" wave , the "let's keep going" smile and the "you're still running" grimace. Is there an elite handshake that I can [...]

Disrespecting your parents

Day 19 : Disrespecting your parents I would never. If I were to engage in such a foolhardy exploit I would find myself kicked to the curb and left to fend for myself on the streets of Cape Town. That is not something I am enthusiastic about. I'm 18 - what do I know about life [...]

Highs and Lows

Day 17 : Highs and lows of this past year Low I can only think of one incident during which I felt low and that was at the very beginning of the year after writing my first Chemistry test. It was my first university assessment and I was really nervous. My mind had not yet braced itself [...]

Mainstream Music

Day 16: Your view on mainstream music After Justin Bieber, I gave up on mainstream music . I know that there's a band called One Direction that's pretty popular at the moment but other than that I don't know any others and I don't care. Music has never been as tedious as it is in this [...]

Tumblr . . . my universe !

Day 15 : Your favourite tumblrs ! I have so much love for tumblr ! I think tumblr is one of the most creative places on the internet. You can find anything and everything on tumblr. My sister thinks I'm really weird and hipster ( laugh out loud, I can't afford to be a hipster) [...]

My Earliest Memory

Day 14: Your earliest memory The only thing standing between me and my bed is this post so let's gets to it. This weekend has been long. I have an IsiXhosa assessment tomorrow, my OSCE is on Thursday , my first exam is in t-minus 9 days and I am dreaming of my holiday already [...]