Life goes on . . .

It is I , the owner of this seemingly abandoned blog 🙂 It has been two three months since my last post and the only explanation that I have to excuse my hiatus is simply . . . Life.😅 Medical School Update Yes , I'm still in medical school😅. To put my first semester into perspective and [...]


Lily: Creature of Habit 🐦

I have just two examinations left to complete before I'm in the clear and able to enjoy my well earned holiday ! *Cue wild and uncoordinated dancing! The papers have mostly been kind to me. Nothing has made me despair or writhe in agony afterwards . Thankfully 😜 . I'm just looking forward to completing what's [...]

Runner’s Etiquette 🏃

What does one do when they run past the same person for the fifth time on a route? By that time we've already given each other the "Hey, I'm glad you're running too" nod , the "you again" wave , the "let's keep going" smile and the "you're still running" grimace. Is there an elite handshake that I can [...]

Disrespecting your parents

Day 19 : Disrespecting your parents I would never. If I were to engage in such a foolhardy exploit I would find myself kicked to the curb and left to fend for myself on the streets of Cape Town. That is not something I am enthusiastic about. I'm 18 - what do I know about life [...]

Highs and Lows

Day 17 : Highs and lows of this past year Low I can only think of one incident during which I felt low and that was at the very beginning of the year after writing my first Chemistry test. It was my first university assessment and I was really nervous. My mind had not yet braced itself [...]

Mainstream Music

Day 16: Your view on mainstream music After Justin Bieber, I gave up on mainstream music . I know that there's a band called One Direction that's pretty popular at the moment but other than that I don't know any others and I don't care. Music has never been as tedious as it is in this [...]

Tumblr . . . my universe !

Day 15 : Your favourite tumblrs ! I have so much love for tumblr ! I think tumblr is one of the most creative places on the internet. You can find anything and everything on tumblr. My sister thinks I'm really weird and hipster ( laugh out loud, I can't afford to be a hipster) [...]

My Earliest Memory

Day 14: Your earliest memory The only thing standing between me and my bed is this post so let's gets to it. This weekend has been long. I have an IsiXhosa assessment tomorrow, my OSCE is on Thursday , my first exam is in t-minus 9 days and I am dreaming of my holiday already [...]

Lily in Prague

Day 13 : Somewhere you'd like to move or visit    I've spent what would amount to years dreaming of destinations in this world that I would one day like to visit . I intend to fulfil this hunger of mine, this desire that I have to travel the world as soon as I can. [...]

A day in the life of Lily

Day 12: Bullet your entire day I have a slight case of obsessive compulsive disorder when it comes to schedules and timetables. Nothing vexes me more than having time wasted. I get annoyed when people waste my time but I also get annoyed when I waste my own time. I've attributed this OCD quality to [...]

Musical Dreaming

Day 11: Put your Ipod on shuffle and write the ten songs that pop up My taste in music is incredibly varied - one could go as far as calling it weird ! My playlist consists of an odd mixture of different genres . I find it difficult to pinpoint what genre is my favourite [...]

Lily in love :)

Day 10 : Discuss your first love and first kiss My classmates in junior school were what I like to call eager beavers. They had already started dating in the third grade. So, naturally, by the fourth grade, the majority of them had already had their first kiss. While I was busy being a child , [...]

Future Lily

Day 9 : How you hope your future will be like I have mentioned , on numerous occasions, that I do not like to plan too far ahead into my future because it causes me to lose perspective of the here and the now. I start to live my life in a dreamy haze and [...]

Satisfaction :)

Day 8 : A moment when you felt the most satisfied with your life  Writing this post has put into perspective how much time I spend complaining and grumbling inwardly because I could not think of a single time when I was most satisfied with my life. I was so tempted to say that the [...]

30 Facts about Lily

Day 6 : 30 Interesting facts about yourself One would think that because it is the weekend , I would have had ample time to think about about and write this post but the truth is that I have done nothing productive all day. My weekend has been hijacked by family activities but I don't [...]