Third Time’s A Charm !

Is it too early to crown a "best month of the year" ? February has exceeded my expectations thus far and it hasย not even reached its conclusion yet. Let meย commenceย with a Lily Update because a great dealย hasย occurred duringย thisย month ๐Ÿ™‚ Iย haveย brand newย spectacles and contacts .ย My vision had deterioratedย since the last time I went to the optometrist [...]


Looking for Lily ๐Ÿ”Ž

I offer my most humble apology to any individual who yearned for real answers for their very important and incredibly serious questions but wereย redirected to my blog of feels instead. Where in the world is Lily ?ย  I'm on my Obstetrics and Gynaecology rotation ! I'm doing cool things like delivering babies and assisting in [...]

Everything and More !

Surgery is everything I expected it to be and more ๐Ÿ™‚ โค . It's day 2 and I am already head over heels in love #surgeryisbae. My feet are killing me , I have walked at least 20 kilometers between today and yesterday ย but I am still so happy and so excited ! My apologies [...]

Kangaroo Mother Care ๐Ÿ’•

If ever you want to discover just how long one year can be, do second year medicine . Where each module you do ( of which there are seven) seems to span a decade of its own. The culmination of the Reproductive System will be on Friday ! ย But alas , I cannot celebrate as [...]

Marriage Proposals and Heartbreak

I nearly got engagedย during myย end of block ย weekend. It all happened rather quickly but the short of the situation is that I had to decline. My decision was influenced byย the factย that I hadย not yet met my suitor until that veryย afternoon and he was probably at least three if not fourย times my own age. I was [...]

Y’er a wizard Lily โšกโšก

I am not of this muggle world. I am a wizard. Now if my letter from Hogwarts could find its way to me before I graduate from med school, that wouldย beย splendidย ย ๐Ÿ‘Œ I have successfully convinced my younger brethren to indulge in the epicness of the Harry Potter world . I employed passive aggressive tactics such [...]

All Bashfulness Aside . . .

Urology lectures are so different from when I was learning about the reproductive system in the ninth grade. I went to an all girls high school so modesty was always encouraged. We always had to be respectful and decent young ladies who never ever used vulgar and crude language. The said vulgar words being penis [...]

Shaking It Off !

Last weekย ย Friday I bid adieu to the cardiovascular system (until exams that is) and tomorrow I begin with the Gastrointestinal system. The cardiovascular system was an amazing block and I thoroughly enjoyed it. That, however ,does not mean that it was "easy". Our ECG course could be more aptly described as a crash course. We [...]

Splendiferous Moments :)

What happened before Friday afternoon (Friday morning End Of Block Test) does not deserve any mention nor does it warrant any discussion on this blog (This is my happy space). However, the time period betweenย Friday afternoon and Sundayย afternoon was resplendentย and is definitely worth mentioning ๐Ÿ™‚ โค End Of Block weekends are the crรจme de la [...]

A rollercoaster of emotions :)

This past week has been a myriad of emotions for me. I've gone from being the poster-girl for cheerfulness and elation to extremely sad , angry and depressed and every other emotion that lies between those extremes. The Woeful I spent the majority of my day yesterday in a dejected mood. I received a notification [...]

Holiday Shenanigans!

I have taken a pro-active stance on exterminating Pooch. I now exercise more regularly and kind of ( but not really ) eat more healthily. I went for a run, for the first time in months, a few days ago and it felt fantastic ! I ran for 2 hours without even realising it. I [...]

Let there be education for all !

Day 20 : How important you think education is Education is extremely important. It's a great way to empower people. It's so easy for people who live in developed countries to take education for grantedย but living in Africa, one can see the impact that educating one person in a poor village has on the rest [...]

Satisfaction :)

Day 8 : A moment when you felt the most satisfied with your lifeย  Writing this post has put into perspective how much time I spend complaining and grumbling inwardly because I could not think of a single time when I was most satisfied with my life. I was so tempted to say that the [...]

30 Facts about Lily

Day 6 : 30 Interesting facts about yourself One would think that because it is the weekend , I would have had ample time to think about about and write this post but the truth is that I have done nothing productive all day. My weekend has been hijacked by family activities but I don't [...]

Personal Day Adventures :)

โ€œA reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.โ€ -George R.R Martin , A Dance With Dragons