A Surgical Future !

Neurosurgeons definitely do it better . I've spent the past four weeks doing my elective in paediatric neurosurgery and . . . . It's been amazing ! I loved every single day that I spent at Red Cross HospitalΒ  ! So much so that I am seriously considering Neurosurgery as a possible specialty in the [...]


Chapter 4 : Complete βœ”️

Returning to my blog after such a lengthy hiatus always leaves me feeling somewhat ashamed πŸ™‚ Like a mother who has abandoned her offspring and is now crawling back with her tail between her legs . I bring with me good news though! I passed my fourth year ! I am now officially a fifth [...]

Life goes on . . .

It is I , the owner of this seemingly abandoned blog πŸ™‚ It has been two threeΒ months since my last post and the only explanation that I have to excuse my hiatus is simply . . . Life.πŸ˜… Medical School Update Yes , I'm still in medical schoolπŸ˜….Β To put my first semester into perspective and [...]