Motivation 👊

A popular recommendation from medblrs and blogs on the internet is to compile a list of all the reasons why you chose to study medicine. This is apparently so that when days are dark, friends are few and you have mountains of work left to do , you can remind yourself that there is light at the end of the tunnel. The tunnel we call medical school.

I decided to follow this excellently heeded advice and compile a list that i will look back on those “special days” and hopefully , i will be able to remember why it will all be worth it .

1. “Selfish” Reasons

I call these reasons selfish , mainly because they are concerned with me. These are my” me, myself and I ” reasons.

a) Financial Stability. Throughout my entire life, my parents have always emphasized the importance of independence. My parents were like my very own personal feminists and always encouraged me to seek  automy. Financial autonomy is particularly important to me. I have no ambition in becoming significantly wealthy or making the Forbes list. I just want stability , financial stability to be specific.

b) The cool title 🙂 My surname is pretty cool and to have it preceded by Dr. would be pretty awesome

c) So I can  give my grandmother, who seems to think that I am already a qualified medical doctor,  relevant medical advice regarding her many aches and pains.

d) I have always been fascinated by Science but more specifically medical science . The body is an amazing work of art and I would love to know more about it!tumblr_muwspaLv5g1rshttho1_1280

Okay, those are my “selfish reasons” all wrapped up.

2. The Moral Reasons ^_^

a) Africa needs more doctors. Living on the most impoverished continent in the world is not easy. The burden of disease that we face is frightening.  I am constantly attacked by alarming statistics regarding the lack of qualified medical practitioners serving the people who need them most.

b) I want to be a good example for people around me. Most of life in South Africa for people is characterized by being just another statistic , be it unemployment, pregnancy, lack of education etc. I want to be a beacon of hope for my patients. As a doctor, I will have a significant impact on the lives of my patients. I may not be able to change their situations entirely but i can assist them by educating them to the best of my ability.

c) My parents will be incredibly proud of me. All their hard work, effort and sacrifice will not have gone to waste.


*That’s not possible. I won’t even try to pretend that I will be able to do that. However, imagine how quickly the world could change if there were millions of other medical students all with the same mindset ? It would be a revolution of epic proportions ! I am a self-proclaimed Optimistic Realist . I like to see the bright side of life but my feet are firmly planted on the ground.
 a fine line between positivity and delusional.




6 thoughts on “Motivation 👊

  1. Hello lily i read your post on studying, really nice , I just wish it were easy for me to write all lecture notes in 2 hours, i just try to study slides and textbooks and jot what I can, I am really a slow writer


    1. Hey 🙂 In the beginning I used to take a long time to write out my lecture notes too but with time I’ve become faster . I guess it’s all about learning what works for you and making it work. Good luck with the studying!


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