Vivat Academia 🎓

This section of my blog contains information pertaining to the academic aspect of Medical School . In this section I aim to share some useful tips , mine as well as those given to me, in the hopes of perhaps helping others out. tumblr_nh8bvkWJ0m1qdgkv7o6_540

Disclaimer: THESE ARE HELPFUL HINTS THAT I AM SHARING FROM THE GOODNESS OF MY HEART AND NOT TO BE TAKEN AS GOSPEL. I had to CAPITALISE, embolden and colour that statement in red because :

a)I really want people to know that what I am sharing is completely subjective.

b)You’re an adult and therefore advised to use these tips to your own discretion

and lastly c)  I  really do not want to be blamed when aforementioned tips and hints don’t work out for incredibly aggravated individual. 

Academic success is an incredibly subjective thing. Different people will perform differently based on the nature of their differencesOperative word: different.

If you utilise other strategies , the opportunity is yours to share them. I am also still in the process of learning and would love to receive more tips and tricks to studying. If you have any requests on what I should post about, do not hesitate to drop me a comment below.

Lots of Lily Love (LOLL) ❤ ❤ ❤