Organisation in Medical School

Although seemingly tedious , being organised is an awesome method which you can utilise to positively alter your grades.  It’s not easy to do but as with all habits , it needs some time and a little dedication .

I am definitely not the paragon of organisation but I do believe that I organise myself sufficiently enough to survive life 😀 .

  1. How do I stay organised?
    • I am incredibly reliant on technology. I use my laptop , tablet and smartphone to keep me organised. All three are synced and whatever I do on one is immediately available on the others .
    • I also use handwritten planners and notes in my diaries so that if technology should ever fail me , I’m not at a complete loss.
    • I have 5 different email addresses. It sounds chaotic but each mailbox serves a very specific role in my life and helps me to stay on top of my work and schedule. I am able to access all 5 emails on all my devices and make a point of checking them at least once a day.
      • For interests sake , I have an email for
        • My blog 🙂 ❤
        • My official life (bank , school statements)
        • My social media (Facebook , Instagram etc)
        • Microsoft outlook (I have a windows tablet and it needed one)
        • One from my university
    • I use planners.
      • Yearly planners are excellent for forward planning. These are things like vacations , birthdays and events. That’s the blue book . I also get a module book/ study guide that has dates for assignments and assessments specific to that module. IMG-20160501-WA0012
      • I use a month at a glance to keep myself focused on very important things I absolutely need to remember. The monthly planner is useful for helping me determine just how busy a specific month is going to be. IMG-20160501-WA0013 IMG-20160501-WA0015
      • Weekly planners are just amazing! I could write an entire post dedicated to their usefulness 😀 😀 They help keep me calm and help me use my time wisely. I spend one hour every Sunday afternoon looking at my schedule and filling this timetable in. I make use of colour to help me . IMG_20160502_072347
        • Blue = Sleep. I always start with this. I have to be firm with the amount of sleep I schedule. It’s easy to unrealistically schedule 3 hours of sleep and 21 hours of studying.
        • Yellow =  Class. Class time is immovable. I cannot schedule anything else during that time.
        • Green = Non-study and non-free time. I’m not studying but I’m not exactly relaxing either. This includes chores , travelling, getting ready for campus etc.
        • Purple = Free time / Procrastination hour / Do nothing that involves thinking time 🙂 #myfavouritetime
        • Orange = STUDY TIME ! It’s an hour long but I usually study for 45-50 minutes and take a 10-15 minute break if I have a lot of sessions scheduled after each other.
      • My diary serves as a daily planner.  I write reminders , notes and general things I need to do for that day.I use a to-do list format.  IMG-20160501-WA0010 IMG_20160502_072931
    • I write down everything. It would be simply impossible to remember everything I needed to do if I didn’t write it down. My brain is selective and unless something is “important for the test” ,I’ll probably forget it.
    • I have good storage systems . I have two online storage drives ; a one drive and a google drive. I also have an external hard drive which happens to contains my entire life in it. Every once in a while , I make sure to sync them.
  2. When did I start being organised?
    • Truthfully, it all started in the tenth grade. I remember making a study timetable for a set of exams and I found it so useful that I just carried on. I’ve adjusted and reorganised my organisational life so many times through a process of elimination ; seeing what worked when I tried it and also what failed epically. 🙂
  3. Do I not go crazy sometimes?
    • I do indeed. But it’s very important for me to be organised because it eliminates a lot of my stress and enables me to study as best as I can.
  4. Tips and Hints for being organised
    • Aforementioned planners and diary . They are life changing 🙂
    • Do not spend all your time organising and planning and forget to do your work #rookiemistake. I spend strictly one hour organising my schedule.
    • Know when to be flexible with your timetable and when not to be.
    • Give your timetable to people who can help you stay accountable . Stick it on your door , mail it to a friend , make it your wallpaper 😉
    • The consenquence of time not well utilised is just more disorganisation, stress and work later. So sti ck to your plan.

With all that said and done , there are times when life is just simply crazy and I end up not being perfectly organised but that’s ok because I have learnt to deal with that (insert flexibility ;))

It’s not easy being organised , I still struggle sometimes even though I am in third year  but the more you work at it the better you become.

Lots of Lily Love (LOLL) ❤ ❤

PS: These planners are not my mine. I downloaded them from theorganisedstudent blog on tumblr. Click on the link to get access to her awesome account where you can find her printables (free) and lots of other useful hints and tips<3