A year in review :)

In twelve days, the year of 2014 will be no more. We will be ushering a brand new and as yet unwritten year into our midst. Lily's year : a review January - It started off terribly with a tonsilitis infection on the eve of the New Year but things became much rosier after a few [...]

Highs and Lows

Day 30 : Highs and Lows of this past month ! Lows  Exams. I don't test well.  Some people are able to elicit joy from the thought of writing exams but I am the exact opposite. Exams are strange for me because I feel that they don't test your knowledge properly. They make me stress [...]

The next thirty days . . .

Day 29 : Goals for the next thirty days ! Today officially marked the end of my first year. I wrote my last exam , Introduction To Clinical Medicine, this morning. The moment is rather bitter-sweet though because I have yet another week before I know whether or not  I have been promoted to second [...]

Someone that I miss . . .

Day 28 :Someone that you miss I miss my grandparents. They live 3000 kilometres away from me and I only have the opportunity to visit them every two years. I love being with them and spending time with them. They make the treacherous journey to Zim worth it. We usually travel to Zimbabwe during blazing hot [...]

A pathological nightmare

Murphy's Law and all its shenanigans

The Law Of Attraction

Day 26 : What kind of person attracts you ? Oh dear, this challenge is becoming rather personal ( insert blushing face ). I will assume that the attraction referred to is of a romantic nature . Let me begin by stating that when it comes to anything to do with romance of any kind , [...]

My Favourite Movie !

Day 24 : Your favourite movie and what it is about 🙂 After Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince , Legally Blonde is my favourite movie. I could write all day about Harry Potter but I do not have the luxury of time . So I decided that it would be easier for me [...]